Boarding at Dove Hill

Dove Hill offers boarding for our extended 4 legged family members. We are not a large commercial facility. We love to see our kids come back for a visit. This enables us to see how the kids are doing. Boarding is all inclusive and includes daily play times, swimming in the pond if possible, and lots of hands on every day. There are no hidden fees to give medication or walks. We wish for a positive experience for the dogs, for us, and for you.
Dogs must be up to date on all vaccinations, including Bordetella (kennel cough) before they come. We would also appreciate “no fleas” The cost of our special boarding is $30/day.


Gentle Guidance and Leadership

As new members of a family, puppies need guidance and leadership. Most families are able to provide the necessary basics in the beginning. However, as your pup matures, his body grows quickly while mentally they are still very childlike. This is when most families begin to have trouble with an exuberant 50# toddler that doesn’t have any formal training. Untrained dogs are difficult family members. Especially for those that wish to take their lab out and about or while visitors are in the home. Not to mention the safety factor, such as a dog that will not come when it’s called that runs into the road and becomes injured or even worse.

Many of our customers ask for obedience training while the dog is boarding with us and the family is on vacation. This is a good idea rather than just a boarding facility. This program keeps the dog stimulated and learning while visiting at Dove Hill. Add the two daily lessons to multiple play times in the large fenced in areas on a daily basis, and the result is one happy tired dog. Most of our repeat customers, say their dogs get excited the moment they turn onto the gravel road.

Please feel free to contact us with any questions you may have!