"Thought you might like to see a recent picture of Bailey. He is just tremendous! Gentle, obedient, enthusiastic; there just aren't enough words to describe him. Bailey still has quite a few puppy behaviors but clearly understands the word "no". He just loves being with the children and is doing quite well on his lead. We're so glad he's part of our family! Hope all is well with the Dove Hill family."
-Andrea Ray

"I just wanted to send you both a note to say "thank you" for letting me purchase one of your pups. He is absolutely beautiful! My husband's first words were "would you look at that..." with a big smile on his face. The surprise was worth it. It is very clear that he already understands the word "no" and he doesn't even attempt to jump on anyone, even my little granddaughter (4 yrs.old) who has been with us this weekend. We are going to watch him for a few days before we decide on a call name for him.
So, again, thank you -- what a wonderful addition to our family!!"
-Jennie Treadway

"My wife and I purchased a Labrador from you twelve years ago. We think of you often, and are eternally thankful our paths crossed all those years ago. Our lab's name is LouLou. She is the daughter of Shilo and Cedar. LouLou is sitting here with me as I type this, with the same devotion she has given her entire life. She has been the most amazing gift to us in so many wonderful ways. She is completely loved and accepted as a member of our family, and has brought joy to so many people throughout her life. Thank you so much!!!"
-John Gardner

"Attached is a pic of Callway. At three months and 27lbs he is enjoying the life of a puppy. Constantly playing and full of energy. He has brought our family together in a way that only a labrador can. I could never thank you enough for the joy that he brings into my life. Callaway consistently gets compliments from people around the neighborhood about how handsom he is and especially how friendly he is. Unfortunatly his two favorite toys remain jacket zippers and shoe laces... but when he gives you a look like the one in the attached pic it is hard not to melt. Again thank you so much for the gift that you have given me and the Koerber family wishes you the happiest of holidays."
-Joel Koerber

"Thought you would enjoy seeing a picture of Zack taken last weekend doing one of his favorite activities... jumping in the pile of leaves with his soccer ball! 4 months, 40 lbs and he has all his commands mastered and begs us for more to learn! Wherever we take him people can't get over how good looking he is - seriously! Our hearts are filled with love and pride for Zack; this little guy has truly made us a family."
-Alan and Brenda Seldin

"Shadow is AWESOME! I just wanted to drop you a quick note to let you know how well regarded she is at her school. She is currently completing her off leash training and I am very impressed, even if I am biased! Her recalls and immediate stay/down's are sharp - she is so willing to please. We take her to all the little league games and she is so calm and well mannered around all the people!
The school's owner asked for your information as they are very impressed with her disposition, size and quality. I believe they are interested in training some service dogs and wanted to inquire with you on that. Hope all is well!"
-Clifton E Brown

"Attached are some pictures of one of Mango's pups my son took at the beach this summer. Thanks for the pictures. My kids now want a puppy because they had such a great experience with the one we got from you. I've got to tell you, between my father and me, we've had five nice yellow labs, and I've seen many more when I was doing a lot of duck shooting, but I've never seen one that plays with kids like this one that we got from you. She waits for them at the foot of the steps in the morning and plays with them until they go to bed at night. She truly has an incredible temperment."
-Bobby Beasley

"I just love Money more than anything. We have become best friends. I take him with me everywhere I go. He is very intelligent (you did a very good job with his training). I did not know he had qualified in the senior level. I would love any info you can give me. He is very happy and loving (never gets tired of attention). I will keep you posted as the hunting season progresses."
-Michael Gordon
"Memorial Day weekend 1997 we brought Player home with us to Alexandria Va. He is a puppy of Grace and Drambouie. Player is much more than just an outstanding dog. He is a warm, affection, and loving best friend. This spring we added a new member to our family and as you can see from the picture -- Player loves his new little friend."
-The Kernans
"Toby (our 10 yr old) and Tily (10 wks old). Hope you are well, we ALL are doing fine."
-Maggie Sansone
"Thought you might enjoy seeing a couple of pictures of Colby. He is an absolute delight!"
-Betsy Frantz
"The apple does not fall far from the tree! We are having a great time with our new baby. Thanks again for all you did to make this possible."
-The Enright Family
"Here are several pictures of Pogo. We love her to death!"
-Paige Crunk
"I am constantly getting compliments on how good looking he is (I should get him into modeling). He finished second in the training class we enrolled him in. Jackson has become such an important part of our family - I truly can not imagine our lives without him. He loves to play with other dogs and is extremely friendly."
-Karen & Chris Frederick
Dahlia at 9 weeks
-Jenifer Witkowski
"Thanks. Zoe is such a good puppy. She is doing well with housetraining and just working on "no bite" for everything... here's a picture of her with one of her favorite toys. Enjoy your day!"
"We purchased a yellow lab from you and have been very pleased with and grateful for him. Thank you again for all your help. You have been recommended to many through us!"
- Sam & Rosemary Brown
"We celebrated Lou Lou's birthday today. She is a wondeful and good-natured dog. The children and family adore her."
- Pam Johnson
"The vet that my son takes Pumpkin to was quite impressed by her. Said, "that's the way a lab should look", remarking further that she was the best looking lab that he had cared for."
- Ken Whitescarver
"Darby is great with other animals and loves children - she jumped into the pond behind our house and took off swimming after the ducks. Thanks again for a great animal and friend!"
- Kellye Brill & George Paliatsos