"I bought a fabulous male puppy from y'all just before Christmas. He is very intelligent, already retrieving beautifully, sits, stays, lies down and shakes with aplomb. He is very talkative and is forever tormenting poor Zoe, our six year old yellow female. She adores him and has totally adopted him as her own. They play for hours then crash for hours. I just wanted you to know that he is happy, gorgeous and an absolute joy. Thank you again for BAXTER, he makes us laugh every day and has made Zoe a happy soul again."
- KC Graham

"We wanted to let you know that "Britta" has adapted beautifully to our family! We're not sure who has more energy, our kids or her! She has checked out great at the vet. She has been such a joy already. We can't thank you enough for trusting us with her. Thanks so much."
- CJ and Mark Finnical

"We are having fun with CJ. She is a great puppy (and smart, too)! We already have her trained to ring the bell hanging on our patio door when she needs to go outside. Thanks again for a great puppy!"
-Chris Karenbauer

"Max is home, at least that's what his name is at the present time. Attached a couple of photos of what appears to be our very smart little guy. Thanks for providing us with such a great dog."
-Lisa and Sander Wechsler

"Bear is the smartest dog we've ever owned. We are training him for dove hunting and he is such a quick study. He is so intelligent, so responsive, so eager to please, yet so very calm and level headed. We think he is going to be an excellent bird dog. He's also such an excellent family dog. He adores our 12 year old yellow lab and is great with our three kids. He is such a great pal! What a one in a million dog! Thank you again."
-Mary and Dave Parker

"Tucker is going on 6 months now and he is as wonderful as ever. Attached are some pictures from his first swim a couple of months back. My father and I were completely amazed at how he took to the water. No hesitation and charged ahead for one after another retrieve. He's been out to the sporting clays range and has no issues with the guns. I'm going to give him a go at some pheasant later this year and hope to get some duck time in later in 2004. He sits and watches the local geese and ducks fly over our deck every morning on their way to the pond."
-Todd Bugbee

"Well, we might have gotten last pick, but as proud mommy I must say that I am sure that we got the best of the bunch. From the first night home, she has slept in her crate from 10 until 6 without making a mess to clean up or without whining all night. That is much more than I can say about either of the other babies that I have raised. The Vet gave her an excellent report and she was most definitely the talk of the office. I can't tell you how many compliments that I have gotten about her calm temperament even on the first day that she was with us."
-Shari McDonald

"As you recall, a year ago June our Shadow whelped six pups sired by Willie. A year later we felt that a puppy birthday party was in order and had five of the six return for a reunion. What a fun day. All five had had their own characteristics, yet were all unique in one way, their temperament. All were truly wonderful, calm and affection dogs. You are truly gifted in bringing that out in all your dogs."
-Clifton Brown

"Hello from Alan, Brenda and Zack Seldin! Zack turned 2 this week - he's all grown up and quite a special dog. He's got more personality than many people we know! We hope you are doing well. Have a great summer!"
-Alan and Brenda Seldin
"Thought you might like to see a recent picture of Bailey (son of Slipper and Teddy) at 18 months. Bailey is just great - he is the most wonderful companion and a lot of fun to be with. He is very good natured and affectionate. Bailey is looking forward to his beach vacation - loves the water and chasing those gulls! Hope all is well with the Dove Hill family."
-Andrea Ray

"Thought you would like to see some recent pictures of Tucker. WHAT A DOG!"
-Todd Bugbee

"We think that Molly just gets more and more beautiful every day! She is ten weeks old in this picture. We are so happy that you entrusted us with caring for Mollander's Blessing of Dove Hill. She has quickly become the love of our lives. All of our friends and family agree that she is beautiful, smart, and spunky. She keeps us on our toes every day. Thanks again."
-Daisy and Bill van Opstal

"I thought you might like an update on Savannah too. I'm pleased to say that she is alive and well and still making me happy every single day of the year. She is a wonderful girl who has made many, many people smile throughout the years. Savannah will be 10 years old this coming October--so hard to believe. We recently moved from our home in Massachusetts to Portland, Oregon. Savannah, who continues to hate the car, drove across the country with me and was an absolute trooper the entire way. She charmed hotel keepers across America and quickly settled into a routine of sleeping in different places each night.
Thanks again for bringing Savannah into my life. She is so well loved and cared for and I just wanted you to know how much she means to me."
-Beth Sharp
"Our lives changes the day we brought Spencer home from your house. I can tell you that even after losing him over 2 years ago, my eyes are still tearing as I write this note. Spencer's vet told me that Spencer was a very unique dog- smart, beautiful, easy to train and incredibly loveable. You could look into his big dark eyes and know that he understood exactly what you were thinking and feeling. Spencer was my first "baby". We did everything together. My two daughters came along Spencer became a Nanny. He would sit by the babies and make sure that they were okay. He'd let them curl up against his tummy and nap and played tug a war with them for hours. Shortly after Christmas, the vet diagnosed him with cancer. On 3 Mar 2000, I had to say good-bye to my dearest friend. It was the hardest thing I've ever had to do in my life, but I knew it was the right thing for him. We brought his ashes back home and they are resting under a dogwood tree in the woods behind our house over looking the creek he used to swim in."
-Marti V. Fleger

"We wanted you to know how much we love our dogs - and to file a complaint. Your dogs are perfect except for one thing - they don't live forever. One month ago today we lost our Abby, who we brought home from Culpeper on April 1, 1988. She was three weeks shy of her FIFTEENTH birthday. She was the a faithful, loving, wonderful companion, and the smartest dog we've ever met (which she often used to get into mischief)... smarter even than most people we know! She was also loaded with what we affectionately called "Abby-tude." She had us wrapped around her little paw, and she knew it. She also had her "little brother" Enzo in line, too... at least until he figured out that he outweighed her by 15 pounds or more! Enzo, while not striving for membership in MENSA, is the most affectionate dog we've ever met. He always loves to be touching "his people" in some manner. This often means he's laying on our feet, or shadowing us everywhere we go. Thank you so much for letting us adopt him - he is an integral part of our family now. We sorely miss our Abby, and we love our Enzo with all our hearts. Here's a picture of our two beloved pups, taken last Spring. Thank you so much... keep up the good work!"
-Mike, Peggy and Alex Beattie

"Well it has been over two and a half years since we purchased our black lab from you. You advised us that we would select a good southern name for him. Well we did. His name is Rhett, for Rhett Butler. He is a hunky 92 pounds of pure muscle and is absolutely handsome, charming, loving, and so expressive. Neighbors and friends line up to take care of him if we both have to travel out of the area. I don't think that many people can say that about their dog. It is all in the breeding; and the kudos go to you! When people ask where we got him, we proudly mention your name and web site. Hope to be a repeat customer in years to come."
-Tom and Holly DePaul
"My wife and I would like to pass our best wishes and happy holiday sentiments to your family at Dove Hill; If you recall, we are the family you allowed to raise one of your beautiful lab pups - now passionately named Sunny's ANGEL (born November, some three years ago). Angel is the quietest of our three labs (black, yellow, and chocolate) and she recently began processing for doing Therapy Work with elder people. She enjoys her quiet time and when she needs that special time - she merely places her head under a bed skirt. Otherwise, she is laying at your feet or leaning on your side. She has the sweetest disposition and truly enjoys being near people. We are very grateful and pleased with this family of labs and feel privileged to be part of their special lives."
-Larry, Janice, and Lauren and Shady (black); Angel (yellow); and Koko (chocolate)
"Everything is going great Wilson is the best dog ever. Everybody always says he's the best looking Lab in the dog park. I don't think they've ever seen a real English Lab before? They always ask if he's mixed with something because his head is so big and blocky. Any wanted to drop a line to you guys and let you know that we're good, he's good and thanks a lot for everything."
-Jovan James
"We love Angus to pieces. Everyone who meets him says that he is the most handsome dog that they have ever seen and many people ask if we will breed him (unfortunately for them, we got him fixed). Angus continues to be very calm, very mature and very bright. It's hard to believe that he is only 7 months old - he acts like an 8 year-old dog that is sweet, spry and intelligent yet calm."
-Deirdre Donahue

"We just wanted to drop you a note and tell you our Maddy is doing great! She is absolutely adorable. She's a little over three months and just weighed in at the vet office at a healthy 23.5 lbs! She's growing so fast, I can't believe she only weighed 11 lbs the day we got her. Maddy is definitely playful. We love her and can't thank you enough for such a wonderful puppy."
-Kim and Joe Brown

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