Ann : Back in July 1993 we brought our first Lab home from Dove Hill. We named her Maggie and she was a yellow pup of Rickway Dove Hill Sabre and Dove Hills Honeybaked. Maggie just died on March 1st, 2 months shy of her 15th birthday. She was the BEST & SMARTEST dog we've ever met and she gave us such loyalty and devotion. We miss her so but know she led a good life with a family that cherished her. She set the standard for all the rest and there will never be another dog as special as her. We have 2 other Labs, Abigail and Jennifer and a Basset Hound, Isabelle. Abigail is also from Dove Hill. She was the chocolate pup of Rickway Wisky Bottom Mastermind and Dove Hills Shadow (born on June 21, 1995). Our Abigail is also special in a different way. She is the sweetest and most gentle Lab we've met and everyone wants to take her home with them. She is now 13, in good health, losing a litte weight, with lots of gray. Our Jennifer is a black Lab that we raised as a Guiding Eyes for the Blind pup. She (unfortunately for Guiding Eyes and us) failed her test and we brought her home with us. She is 10. Our Basset is a cutie but (I'm sure you know) is very different than the Labs! Her nose takes her everywhere and she can be quite focused on THE SCENT! We love them all and spoil them rotten. We just wanted to let you know that one of your pups lived a long and happy life and brought joy to all in our family. Thanks for doing such a GREAT JOB of breeding such wonderful dogs. Sincerely, Shelley & Rick, Fredericksburg, VA
Dear Dove Hill, We just wanted you to know that our dog Mattie (actually “Matanuska”, nee’ Cheddar) is turning 10 years old tomorrow and she continues to be the best thing in our lives. Thank you for allowing us to make her a part of our family. Regards, Dan & Cathy Horton Vienna, VA
Hi Ann , I just wanted to send you a picture from last night when our baby graduated from puppy Kindergarten. She is now almost 6 months old (she came from Aimer and Maybelline). She is such a great dog and I am convinced that she could possibly be the smartest dog on Earth. She loved the snow and I can’t wait until it gets warm to take her to a lake and introduce her to the water. Anyway, I wanted to thank you for such a beautiful, loving AND talented dog. Best, Jennifer Stetson & Steve Dennis
"Ann , Just to let you know, Fence is doing very well. Everyone comments on how beautiful he is, as well as his wonderful personality. Our vet was very impressed with all the paperwork you supplied us. Fence has quickly learned how to use the cat door to go outside, which we had to quickly turn into a dog door! Knock on wood, he seems to be nearly housebroken."
- Greg & Tina Walsh
"Dear Ann , We have not written in a long time but wanted to send an update on Grady. He was one of Dixie's pups in November of '03. We LOVE this dog. He is truly one of the family and goes with me everywhere. He loves to swim more than anything in the world. We cannot even say the word "swim" around him unless we are ready to walk out of the door.

He has his CGC and we are working on his Therapy Dog Certification. I do some private tutoring and I have used him as a "Reading Dog" and the kids love him. I put him in a down stay and the child reads aloud to Grady. It is a real confidence builder for the child because Grady does not correct them, grow tired of listening, try to help when they read too slowly, and while they are reading together I sit near by and observe the difficulties the child is having and plan our next session accordingly. I would really like to take this into the public school but our first step is having Grady earn his TDI certification. He will have no problem with anything other than his enthusiastic love of all people and all dogs. We may need to wait for him to "mature" a little more, but we are working toward that goal.

I can't tell you enough how much we appreciate all of the time and love you put into planning and raising your dogs. It really shows and has made having him in our family so much easier. I see lots of dogs and many of them are labs in the obedience classes we have been in. Very few meet the standard that Grady has set for me. If we ever consider expanding our family I will not even consider any other breeder. You know how to do it right.

Take care and keep up the great work.
- Sue Matthews
"Ann, Here is a photo of our HeBe (pronounced Hee Bee) and Leslie. He is the love of our family at almost 8 months. He is a stunning dog, probably weighs close to 70 pounds with all the right features. Our 3 boys
love him to death and I am going to get serious about training him this summer."
" Ann, Rod is very well. Here he is snuggling with our newborn son, Connor. He is very gentle with him. We thought you'd enjoy seeing him!"
- Fiona & Chris Lundblad
  "Grace appeared in our local Sarasota newspaper. As indicated in the article, Carol and I are both blessed and thankful in having such a wonderful dog. She does very well for an old lady; she will be 12 in October. Her health is good except for a Thyroid deficiency, which is easily treated by supplement. We thank you for Gracie."
- George Merk" | Read the article

"Thought you would like to see Master Jib...he is getting to be quite a big boy! Very lovable....a total Mama's Boy (which I love!)...He had his first visit to the boat yard today and loved it! New smells, sounds, people, dogs, birds, water.....what else could a Labrador want! Hope all is well with you both!"
- Mary Kay Palmer

"Just seven (7) years ago a wonderful puppy was born on this date, November 12, 1987. Molly has brought with her more love and happiness than I could ever imagine. She was my second pick but I guess God must have known what I needed. WE, my wife and I, love her to death and are so glad we drove around all day that December day and your kennel was the last stop at dark. Thank you very much. I know you have a lot of puppies and dogs but, I wish you could see her. My life has certainly taken on a new meaning with Molly. THANKS!!!"
- K. Nicely


"We thought you would enjoy a picture of Angus, this was taken about a month ago. I love this picture, it looks like he is trying to take on the world. He has grown so much just since this picture. He has been fixed, is up to date on all shots and is doing great ! He is getting used to the deer and horses on the farm, though, I think he feels a bit more brave with the flies and moths that he tracks down."
-Scott, Barbara and Chad Bessett


"We just wanted to write to you to let you know what an absolutely wonderful dog our lab Jake was. We bought Jake from you 11 years ago when we lived in Virginia. We loved him so much and he was a central part of our family. He was extremely smart, almost like a person at times, and unbelievably kind. He was so gentle with our children and such a loyal companion for us. Unfortunately, our Jake passed away this summer. We miss him every single day, but we really wanted to let you know what a wonderful dog you gave us and we are so thankful for every day that we had with him and for all the joy he brought into our lives."
-Kerry and Don Pierro


"Dove Hill's Lord Buckingham "Buck" will be six years old in September.  With Judy, he walks four miles a day, five days a week.  Swims/retrieves at the lake on Saturday mornings.  He is everyone's friend and enjoys barking (jus' sayin' "Howdy") to the many deer who transit out property 24/7. The deer know his invisible fence line better than he does. They have signed a Nonaggression Pact. As the litter "runt" he is 23 1/2" and 70lbs.  Perfect health, happy, and still the clown he was at seven weeks. Thanks for years of pleasure with Buck.  We hope you and Dave are well."
-Rob and Judy Chase


"Here are a few updated pictures of Zoe (August 23rd, Pony and Sarge, litter). She has grown into an absolutely beautiful dog/big puppy. One of the pictures is her with her CGC certificate from the AKC which she earned on May 30. 9 months old and already a "good citizen". That says a lot about her wonderful breeding. She started out as the Princess of our house and I the Queen, but as the months go by I can see the shift to her becoming the Queen. She is the center of attention and affection at all times and returns as much as she is given. We are off to the Outer Banks this Sunday for her first beach vacation and are all looking forward to it. Thank you again for entrusting us with one of your babies."
-Shari McDonald


"I recently had the pleasure of having an initial puppy exam with one of your pups.  "Onyx" is a 13-week old black pup now under the care of Najla West.  What a handsome character he is.  The entire staff fell in love with that face. We would like to tell you how much we appreciate the complete and concise "Feeding and Health" handout that accompanied the pup.  Your policies on worming, vaccination, feeding and training dovetail with our policies nicely.  We wish all new pet owners received such good advice from their breeders. Lastly, it was delightful to learn that this owner plans to neuter this pup and pursue professional training.  I feel confident this pup will have a good life!"
-Janet Lemke, DVM, Companion Animal Hospital


"I hope this note finds you both well. Attached are some recent pictures of Tucker. Tucker is coming in at 80 lbs. at a little over a year and has been given clean bills of health at each check-up. He is full of energy yet calms down quickly, loves everyone, quick minded and remembers everything (except jumping up on our bed every night before I have to drag him off to his own). He can't seem to get enough of being patted and is always doing the "lab lean" against us. We'll pass along more as time goes on."
-Todd A. Bugbee


"I just wanted to drop you a brief email to let you know how wonderful our female yellow lab is doing in her new home.We named her Bailey and she has been nothing short of wonderful. She has taken to her crate very well and is getting more attention that ever imagined. She especially loves the streams on the golf course !! She is still having a bit of trouble getting used to the lease but overall she is great. Even in the short weeks we have had her she has really enhanced our world. Her gentle disposition is amazing. I hope it continues!!"
-Doug O'Brien


"Lily (born August 23, 2003 and picked up on October 18, 2003) was just spayed on February 16th.
She is very active during the day. Thanks so much! Here is a picture of Lily on Thanksgiving Day 2003-she is very photogenic and loves posing for pictures!!"
-Nicoele Karas

"We thought you might enjoy to see how Onyx looks like now, he is the center of attention wherever he goes, and we took him swimming last Sunday and he loved it more then anything!! We thank you sooo much for bringing such a joy to our life :) "
-Will and Najlaa

"Rod is fabulous! He learns new things by the day and is extremely smart. We actually just started a training class which he seems to enjoy! Here are some photos of him playing in the yard this afternoon. Thank God the weather is getting nicer so we can spend more time outside! Take care!"
- Fiona and Chris Lundblad

"Cappy is doing great. He is beyond spoiled rotten and living the life. He is such a wonderful dog and has provided the family with much joy. I cannot thank you enough for allowing us the opportunity to raise him."
- Amy Epps

"Hi Ann, thought you might like to see how Henny (for Henrietta aka Missou) is doing with Danell in MO. Danell is so happy with her!"
- Ducky

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