As members of the family, our females receive the privilege of having puppies in the house. This way the pups can get 24 hour supervision for the first two weeks of their life. After this time, they are moved to our puppy building, which has indoor/outdoor runs. The heating and air conditioning maintain a controlled climate for a stress-free childhood. This set up also allows for immediate housebreaking. We have found, as soon as they are able, which is around 4 weeks old, pups prefer to go outside to eliminate rather than on the nesting paper. This keeps the environment clean and promotes exceptionally easy housebreaking for the new family when the pup goes home.
As you can imagine, our puppies get a lot of attention. Who could resist them? When the time comes, if you desire we will assist in your pick. After all our time spent with them, we can help direct you to the right puppy. We pride ourselves on our history of successful matches. Future quality breedings are planned, check out what we have for sale!

Puppies will have dewclaws removed, be wormed several times, and have received their first puppy shot by the time they are ready to go home at 7 to 8 weeks old.

"All dogs chew, jump up, bark, and nip. It's part of being a dog.... If you aren't prepared to live with a little of these activities - especially in the puppy stages - you're really better off with an iguana."
- By Gina Spadafori