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Your pup has been checked for congenital deformities and is guaranteed to be in good health. However,
it is suggested that you have the puppy checked by your veterinarian within three days after its arrival.
If your veterinarian feels the puppy is not as represented above, have your vet write a letter
describing the problem encountered and return the puppy with the registration for a full refund of
the purchase price only. This guarantee is no longer in effect after the puppy has been in its new
home for more than five days, since from the time it leaves our premises, we have no control over its

Both parents of this puppy have been checked, cleared and certified for hereditary issues related to
hips, elbows, eyes, and heart. Each parent has appropriate documentation verifying these clearances and
they are included in the puppy package. Due to the nature of these hereditary conditions, which are influenced
by environmental factors as much as hereditary ones, we are unable to guarantee that this pup will not develop
these conditions. We can only guarantee that the pupís parents are free and clear of these conditions, thus
reducing the odds that these conditions might arise.

Through proper diet, proper exercise, and quality living conditions, you can play an important role in
helping your puppy grow into a healthy adult. Vitamin C supplementation is recommended at the rate of 500 mg
one time daily. Other supplements should be avoided. The puppy should be raised on a premium, brand name,
nutritionally complete dog food. Grocery store brands are not recommended.

Cash refunds apply only to puppies returned in the first 5 days after purchase date for failing the original
vet examination.

NOTE: This guarantee is voided if not signed by the buyer and seller on the date of transfer of the puppy.