Started Dogs

We do have a 3 year old extremely handsome yellow male that we are looking to place in a home relatively close to us so that we may continue to use him occasionally as a stud. He is completely vetted and a gentle sweet soul, he is affectionate and kind. If you are interested in having a stunning gentle companion, please contact us for details and pictures.

A started dog has been trained, or begun the training process, and is usually a few months older. Contact us for more information.

NOTE : Email address is now .... Dovehillkennel@gmail.com

Note : The fax number for the questionnaire is no longer available!!






NOTE ....New email address!!!!! Dovehillkennel@gmail.com

Updated 12/16/2018

Call us to discuss what we have available now and upcoming at 540-825-4358 We look forward to speaking with you!

NOTE: I am not like everyone else. I purposely do not have pictures of all my dogs listed on the website. I want people to interact with me. Let's talk. This way I get a better feel of where my kids are going and you get a better feel about me. I am not interested in just selling puppies. I would be happy to send numerous photos of parents and pups, and of course visits are always encourage!

Dams and sires have all appropriate clearances including hips,elbows,cardiac, and eye CERF

Contact us for photos and additional details. Please fill out a buyers questionnaire, phone us
540-825-4358 or by email at dovehillkennel@gmail.com

NOTE : The fax number for the questionnaire is no longer available!!


* Serious Buyer's: Click to download our Buyer's Questionnaire (Word Document)
* All puppies will be sold on a "limited registration" unless prearranged. This entitles Dove Hill to determine which dogs are of superior quality and allowed to be bred. Limited registration may be upgraded to "full" after the dog is 2 years old and all clearances have been satisfied, such as hips/elbows/eyes and heart. The only reason for changing the registration status would be to allow for an approved breeding or competition in the breed ring. Click here to see the AKC recommendation and description of the "limited registration" benefits to the new owner and us, the breeder.

* "Life's too short to hunt with an ugly dog."