Dove Hill maintains approximately 15 labs. Every dog is considered a member of the family. Also, each dog is expected to be successful in a chosen career. All are individuals and have strengths and weaknesses as we do. Some are show dogs and compete for Championship titles. Others are performance oriented and win AKC Hunt Test or Obedience titles. However, ALL, of our labs excel in temperament. Kindness, sane intelligence, and the priceless attitude "willingness to please" is the most important factor of a Dove Hill Labrador.

Every dog is screened and certified for known hereditary problems. Hips are x-rayed and registered with the OFA, as well as, elbows. Eyes are checked annually by an Ophthalmic specialist for eye certifications. We feed only the highest quality dog food to ensure that every precaution possible is taken to produce a well rounded, quality labrador retriever.

"I recently had the pleasure of having an initial puppy exam with one of your pups. "Onyx" is a 13-week old black pup, what a handsome character he is. The entire staff fell in love with that face.

We would like to tell you how much we appreciate the complete and concise "Feeding and Health" handout that accompanied the pup.  Your policies on worming, vaccination, feeding and training dovetail with our policies nicely. We wish all new pet owners received such good advice from their breeders.
Lastly, it was delightful to learn that this owner plans to neuter this pup and pursue professional training.  I feel confident this pup will have a good life!"
-Janet Lemke, DVM, Companion Animal Hospital, Springfield, VA